Kick back for a while HoMiE!.

If you feel like going to the circus, click Here

Think again juggahoe

Real quick, here's a comprehensive list why YOU should love clowns.

  • Theyre funny
  • theyre silly
  • They can and will murder you so be nice to them
  • If your interested in some sick ass jugga-merch, go check out this!

    Heres some class work ive been doing completely unrelated to clowns

    via GIPHY

    This is a funky lil gif I made with GIPHY! It uses two images I stitched together in photoshop, pretty neat huh? The orginal thing I based this art off of is a crazy walk I took arouund portland one day, then I made it look all p s y c h a d e l i c with PS!

    Take a walk through downtown, take it easy

    You wanna know what i really think?